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>FREE< Angel Time : The Songs of the Seraphim download book
>FREE< Angel Time : The Songs of the Seraphim download book

Professor Anne Rice,: Angel Time : The Songs of the Seraphim

Angel Time : The Songs of the Seraphim


It's the present day. Toby O'Dare--aka Lucky the Fox--is a contract killer of underground fame on assignment to kill once again. He's a soulless soul, a dead man walking. His nightmarish world of lone and lethal missions is disrupted when a mysterious stranger, a seraph, offers him a chance to save rather than destroy lives. O'Dare, who long ago dreamt of being a priest, seizes his chance. Now he is carried back through the ages to thirteenth-century England, to dark realms where accusations of ritual murder have been made against Jews, where children suddenly die or disappear. In this primitive setting, O'Dare begins his perilous quest for salvation, a journey of danger and flight, loyalty and betrayal, selflessness and love.

Set in London and Monmouth in the late 1700s, this is an extraordinary novel about Mary Saunders, the young daughter of a poor seamstress. Mary hungers greedily for fine clothes and ribbons, as people of her class do for food and warmth. It's a hunger that lures her into prostitution at the age of thirteen. Mary is thrown out by her distraught mother when she gets pregnant and almost dies on the dangerous streets of London. Her saviour is Doll - a prostitute. Mary roams London freely with Doll, selling her body to all manner of 'cullies', dressed whorishly Angel Time : The Songs of the Seraphim free download pdf in colourful, gaudy dresses with a painted red smile. Faced with bad debts and threats upon her life she eventually flees to Monmouth, her mother's hometown, where she attempts to start a new life as a maid in Mrs Jones's house. But Mary soon discovers that she can't escape her past and just how dearly people like her pay for yearnings not fitting to their class in society...

Author: Professor Anne Rice,
Number of Pages: 371 pages
Published Date: 31 Aug 2010
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781400078950
Download Link: Click Here


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