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The Principles of Uncertainty pdf
The Principles of Uncertainty pdf

Maira Kalman,: The Principles of Uncertainty

The Principles of Uncertainty


Maira Kalman paints her highly personal worldview in this inimitable combination of image and text An irresistible invitation to experience life through a beloved artist's psyche, "The Principles of Uncertainty" is a compilation of Maira Kalman's "New York Times" columns. Part personal narrative, part documentary, part travelogue, part chapbook, and all Kalman, these brilliant, whimsical paintings, ideas, and images?which initially appear random?ultimately form an intricately interconnected worldview, an idiosyncratic inner monologue.

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Author: Maira Kalman,
Number of Pages: 325 pages
Published Date: 23 Nov 2009
Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc
Publication Country: New York, NY, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780143116462
Download Link: Click Here


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